The name Reina means 'Queen' in Spanish. The Queen in chess, much like in life, is more powerful than the king, and it is Her prerogative to use Her will and power to protect him, to direct him, and when he is unsure, to take his will and guide him in the right direction. The king is nothing without his Queen. He is naked, defenseless, alone, and aimless without Her strong and Feminine ruling.

he will not submit because his Queen forces him to.
he will not submit because his Queen beats and berates him into it.
he will submit because it is what he wants.
he will submit because he knows it is correct.
All the other little details are... merely circumstantial.

Standing at 5'9, I love having my long, slender legs worshiped, and with my size 8.5 feet, you might just find your most sensitive parts under my boot when you don't behave.

I love playing the bratty schoolgirl who forces you to sniff her sweaty cheerleading socks, the domineering Mommy who punishes and rewards her darling baby, or the school teacher who has finally had enough of your backtalk, and will teach you respect with the end of her cane, palm, paddle, or ruler.

I do believe that in order to Dominate, you must first serve and submit. I have known the heady thrill of submission, and therefore understand yours completely. I am a switch, but I do not submit easily or to just anyone.

Don't let my sweet young face fool you; behind my big chocolate eyes lies a devious and wicked mind. I revel in the sight of my slaves and submissives tightly bound and helpless. I love to hear them beg for another lashing, or beg for my divine mercy.

I find thrill and excitement in all types of play; all one has to do is ask.
Now then...

Who's my good little pet?

My interests include:
Foot/Boot/Heel Worship
Slut training
Crossdressing/Forced Feminization
AT/Strap-on Play
Toilet Play
Infantilism/Mommy Play
Splosh Play
Tickling/Tickle Torture
Role Playing
Tease & Denial

Anything not listed here, do inquire.